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HENK GIELE      Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon      Oxford UK

Welcome to Henk Giele's website. This is not a site to advertise his services. This is a site to inform patients about the care they are receiving in order to prepare them and to maximise their outcomes, enable them to give anonymous feedback, and if they wish to use their experiences to inform others.This website also explains a little about Henk Giele's approach and philosophy to plastic reconstructive and hand surgery, especially with respect to those clinical situations where there may be many different approaches such as congenital hand anomalies; limb salvage in sarcoma, trauma and infection; and peripheral nerve injuries particularly brachial plexus, thoracic outlet and pain syndromes.
This website is also a portal for Henk Giele's orthopaedic, hand and plastic surgery trainees to access material to enhance their training in plastic reconstructive and hand surgery. Some of the material is pass worded in order to protect the public and those not wanting to be exposed to all the gory details. Please apply for a password if you wish to access these areas.